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There are many rhodiola rosea supplements available for purchase in health food stores and from online vendors of herbal and dietary supplements. Rhodiola is most commonly sold in capsule form, although tablets and liquid extracts are also available. Popular brands include Rhodiola Force by New Chapter, Inc.; Rhodiola by Now Foods; Rhodiola EnergyTM by Enzymatic Therapy, Nature's Answer, Herb Pharm, and Gaia Herbs. Other standardized rhodiola supplements in capsule form include those by Nature's Way, Bluebonnet Nutrition, and Planetary Herbals.

The rhodiola rosea found in most commercial extracts comes from the forests of the Altai region of Siberia and is harvested after a minimum of four years' growth in order to ensure optimum potency. The rhodiola is then dried at a low temperature before undergoing a careful extraction process designed to preserve the herb's phytonutrients, which include numerous active organic compounds such as rosavins and salidrosides.

The majority of supplements on the market contain "standardized" rhodiola extract, which contains a minimum 3% of rosavins and a minimum 1% of salidrosides. However, individual brands may contain higher or lower concentrations of these compounds, so it is important to pay attention to product labels. As with any dietary or herbal supplement, you should consult with your doctor or health care practitioner before using this product, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or considering pregnancy, or if you are taking other medications.

Rhodiola Force by New Chapter, Inc.

Ingredients of Rhodiola Force are rhodiola rosea (root) and hydroethanolic extract (containing 5.4-6.6% total rosavins, including 3.6-4.4% rosavin and 0.9-1.1% salidrosides). The capsules themselves are made of rice bran and modified cellulose, making them suitable for vegetarians.

New Chapter's Rhodiola Force products include Rhodiola Force 100 and Rhodiola Force 300. The number refers to the amount of rhodiola in milligrams that is contained in each individual capsule. So, for example, Rhodiola Force 100 contains 100 mg per capsule, while Rhodiola Force 300 contains 300 mg per capsule. The exact dosage depends on individual need, but the recommended dose is 1-2 capsules daily. If you have never taken rhodiola before, it is advisable to start small, taking one 100 mg capsule once daily, preferably 30 minutes before breakfast. If after 3 days you see no improvement, then a second capsule may be added to your daily regimen, this time 30 minutes before lunch. Stay at this dose for at least three weeks, and after that, either continue at the same dose or increase the dose by one capsule, waiting at least 7 days to gauge its effects.

Rhodiola by Now Foods

Rhodiola by Now Foods contains a standardized extract of (minimum) 3% Total Rosavins and (minimum) 1% Salidrosides, and advertises that its product is "the highest potency of Rhodiola available." Now Food's Rhodiola comes in bottles of sixty (60) 500 mg Vcaps (cellulose capsules suitable for vegetarians). The capsules contain no sugar, salt, starch, yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, corn, lactose, or preservatives. The recommended dosage of this product is 1 capsule 1-2 times daily, preferably with meals. While Rhodiola can be taken by itself, Now Foods recommends combining usage of Rhodiola with NOW® CoQ10, Super Cortisol Support and Eleuthero.

Rhodiola EnergyTM by Enzymatic Therapy

Rhodiola EnergyTM by Enzymatic Therapy comes in bottles of forty (40) 410 mg capsules. Neither the capsules nor the rhodiola extract contain sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, dairy products, artificial coloring, artificial flavoring and preseratives. Because Rhodiola Energy contains natural ingredients, color variations may occur and are considered normal.

The recommended dose for Rhodiola Energy is 2 capsules in the morning on an empty stomach, ideally 30 minutes before eating. However, it is possible to start with 1 capsule daily and gradually increase the dose after a period of several weeks.

Nature's Answer Rhodiola Root Liquid Extract

This product is produced using alcohol, water, and natural rhodiola extract, although the alcohol is subsequently removed using the company's proprietary Bio-Chelated extraction process. This process results in a standardized rhodiola extract in liquid form. Because liquid extracts are absorbed more quickly than tablets or capsules, but are more potent than teas or traditional tinctures, Nature's Answer Rhodiola Liquid Extract is a fast-acting, potent form of rhodiola. Recommended dosage is 1 mL, or approximately 28 drops, taken twice daily in a small amount of water. 1 mL of the liquid extract is equivalent to 100 mg of dried extract.

Herb Pharm Rhodiola

This liquid extract comes in bottles containing 1 fl. oz and is made from dried rhodiola rosea root, harvested by hand from wild Russian stock. Harvested at optimum potency (3-4 years growth), the roots are shade-dried and undergo an extraction process. Herb Pharm claims that the rhodiola in their liquid extract is never fumigated or irradiated. The liquid extract itself contains certified organic grain alcohol (47-57%), distilled water, vegetable glycerine & Rhodiola extractives. Recommended dosage is 30 - 40 drops three to four times a day, added to water.

Gaia Herbs Siberian Rhodiola Rosea

Gaia Herbs' liquid Phyto-Caps come in bottles of sixty (60) 400 mg "concentrated full spectrum alcohol-free liquid extract in a 100% vegetarian capsule." Billed as "extra-strength," each serving (2 capsules) contains a standardized rhodiola extract with 12 mg of rosavins, designed to be easily absorbed by the body. Recommended dosage is 1 capsule twice a day, taken between meals with warm water.

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